In 1957, Von Filippou and Nick Stamanis bought out the old DEL-MAR Bar for $20,000 and started NICK'S RIB BAR. Von was not yet a citizen so they used only Nick's name.  In 1958, Von became a United States citizen and both names became associated- Nick & Von's Rib Room. 

Then in 1992, the business was sold to Von's son and son-in-law, Sam Filippou and Chris Raptis, respectively.  Chris retired in 2008.  Sam and his wife with their three daughters now solely run the Rib Room serving up hundred of pounds of mouth-watering ribs each week.  ‚Äč

The architectural design of Rib Room had it partitioned into a family room side and bar side, with a pass through kitchen in the middle.   In 2014, Chris, Matt, and Kurt Henry had a vision for an updated version of a much loved staple in Fort Wayne dining.  The brothers coordinated with Sam to purchase the 1227 E. State Blvd. location and transform the family room side into an elegant wine and martini bar to complement the Rib Room. The Rib Room has since closed for business at the end of 2017. In it's place is now Sweet Lou's Pizza.  
"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day."
~Frank Sinatra

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